Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dog friends

Sunday night Brandy demanded that we take her to "Bark in the Park". Held twice a season, our local baseball stadium opens the grounds to dogs and their companions for a home game. At first I was a little annoyed; we sat out on the grounds waaaay past third base where you got a crick in your neck if you wanted to see anything baseball related (you know, like a player, trying to hit the ball)

Very quickly, though, I forgot I was annoyed because I was too busy meeting all my new doggie friends.

My personal favorite was the college-age couple next to us, and their dog, Keggers. Seriously, Keggers. Keggers was awesome and very chill. There was a prissy poodle named Dougherty that was very keen on Keggers. Keggers was disinterested and a little aloof. That's Brandy in the corner watching a hot dog.

There was the most beautiful Great Dane you ever saw. I want one. Every time I say I want one I feel like I'm Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocololate Factory..."Daddy, I want one. I want a pony." Seriously though, one day we'll have a rescue Great Dane. Just not quite yet. Apparently they go through a 30 pound bag of food a week.

Here's the most chill scene at the park; an elderly basset hound with his parents. None of the trio moved very much during the game. The most action occurred during beer retrievals. The basset looked bored, as if to say "Young-uns, you are tiresome with your hoopla and shenanigans. I think this might be my last year to come to the game. It's just been overrun with hormones."

I forget the name of this wee one, but we all renamed him Cujo. Cujo had several costume changes throughout the 2 hour game. He must have a lot of laundry.

Here's Brandy the Boxer taking it all in, and then running the bases with Dakota afterwards.

This morning Brandy asked me if I was taking her to a soccer game or football next. She's ready for her next adventure.


  1. How cool! I wish our ballpark would do that. Then again, my dog doesn't like to be on leash at events like that...but if you let him off, he'll find something to fetch (could be some lady's purse, some kid's toy, whatever's lying around) and never, ever stop. He'd probably make his way to the field and chase the baseball!

    My friends have THREE Great Danes! Isn't that crazy?! I had to dog sit for them a few times, and those are some huge-ass, yet friendly-as-can-be dogs.

    BTW, Brandy is a cutie!

  2. aww all the dogs are SO cute!
    i love the keggers name though..haha how funny, and typical of college kids! ;)

  3. The dog is so cute...he is a huggable doll.


  4. Adorable dogs! We don't have a dog park close to us. I miss having a place to take our little cutie to run "free" and play with other doggies.

  5. This is all so cute! Awww! I really love the first pic of your pooch, Brandy! Cute, Cute, Cute! :D